PiHole keeps crashing roughly every 30 mins

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PiHole keeps crashing and restarting every 30 mins, causing mobile devices to switch to 4g briefly. Has been happening since install. Tried turning off logging and cleaning up gravity lists (one of the default ones didn't work so hashed out). Doesn't make any difference. Have tried reconfig and also rebuilding the entire solution including OS.
-latest official rasbian

Have tried number of solutions found on forums including disable logging but nothing helps.

Debug Token:


Do you see errors/crashed in


Thanks for the quick reply. Not since I flushed logs today (that seems to stabilise it for a little while)

I do see the caches being grown often. Is this normal? Could this become problematic once it grows.past a certain point?

[2020-08-01 12:59:33.943 17939M] Resizing "/FTL-strings" from 4096 to 8192
[2020-08-01 13:07:46.692 17939M] Resizing "/FTL-dns-cache" from 4096 to 8192
[2020-08-01 13:09:04.534 17939M] Resizing "/FTL-strings" from 8192 to 12288
[2020-08-01 13:21:43.269 17939M] Resizing "/FTL-strings" from 12288 to 16384
[2020-08-01 13:21:43.307 17939M] Resizing "/FTL-dns-cache" from 8192 to 12288

These are normal. They only become a problem when they become so large that memory is exhausted. The numbers are bytes (very small in your case).

There are other rotated logs on the Pi (very few). What term is best to grep to find potential errors?

Many Thanks,

Yakub Desai

Look for errors in the following logs (and previous logs that have ".1" appended):