Pihole internet problem

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Expected Behaviour:

Pi-hole blocks ads

Actual Behaviour:

BREAKS MY INTERNET. I used pihole’s dchp server and now my wifi connection doesn’t work.

Debug Token


Also now the wifi lights on my router is going crazy

Your WiFi connection and lights on your router going crazy are likely not related to Pi-Hole. What part of your WiFi connection doesn’t work - no WiFi signal from your router, only WiFi clients cannot connect to the network, etc.

Pi-Hole sits on your network like any other client. In your case, you are using Pi-Hole as the DHCP server for your network and it is providing IP addresses in the range 130 - 200.

After you changed DHCP to Pi-Hole, did you restart the router and renew the DHCP lease on all connected clients?

Your debug log shows that in the past 24 hours, 5 clients have connected to Pi-Hole. Did you recently make the DHCP change (in the last 24 hours)?

Clients can’t get internet; I can connect to the wifi, but I don’t have any internet. I was following a offical guide on this fourm on switching to DCHP and it didn’t talk about restarting the router. For the last question, yes.

also, I did sorta fix the problem. I now have internet access.

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