Pihole installer fails at the end with error

[i] Using privacy level: 0
[✓] Check for existing repository in /etc/.pihole
[i] Update repo in /etc/.pihole...
: Could not update local repository. Contact support.

I have seen other posts with the same error but all the suggestions in those do not work. I am running the install in a container running Debian 11 bullseye inside Proxmox.

The debug token that was requested in the help template can be of great use?
It shows tons of details that the devs and mods can inspect.
Just post the token URL and nothing else!
Only the devs and mods can look at it and the uploaded data has a retention of 48 hours before being deleted again.

Maybe I am missing something but how do I generate a debug token if the install fails?

Your correct.
Sorry for that.
First check if DNS is working with below (needs to return an ANSWER section with IP):

pi@ph5b:~ $ dig github.com
github.com.             15      IN      A

If it does, try remove that /etc/.pihole folder with below:

sudo rm -r /etc/.pihole

And try install again pls?

EDIT: Ow and check if your not running out of disk space with below:

df -h

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Thank you! Yes, that did the trick, I kept having weird DNS resolving issues too and it would fail but trying a few times eventually got me to the end of the install.

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You could mark your last reply as a solution?
Or shall I?

Never mind :wink:

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