Pihole hammered when record exists in /etc/pihole/custom.list

The issue I am facing:
When I leverage a Local DNS record, for example to my pi hole, leveraging a domain that I own but a non existing subdomain nonexistantsub.mydomain.tld for example. I've given pi-hole a local DNS record of pihole.nonexistantsub.mydomain.tld. When leveraging that DNS name to reach the pi hole I can have my client get RATE_LIMIT impacted for example by tailing the pihole.log.

Details about my system:
Fresh docker install for home network leveraging Tag 2023.01.10. As mentioned above I've configured local dns zones for internal systems as an override so I don't have to keep remembering IP's and can leverage a nginx proxy to host many docker containers on port 80 (all getting a new local dns entry).

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
Nothing at this point, fresh install.

Checkout below:

Below worked for me:

pi@ph5b:~ $ sudo nano /etc/dnsmasq.d/99-my-settings.conf
pi@ph5b:~ $ pihole restartdns
  [✓] Restarting DNS server

I'm surprised I didn't find that when I was searching, thanks for sharing. I'm also a bit surprised that a default no-cache is set, but I do like the flexibility.

Solved now?

Default OOTB cache should be:

pi@ph5b:~ $ dig +short @localhost chaos txt cachesize.bind

Yeah, it is solved for me, I've placed mine at 60 seconds.

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