Pihole domains update to translate wildcards to regular expressions

When performing a domains update of blacklists with the "pihole -g" command, I am getting sometimes the following output:

 [i] Target: https://www.encrypt-the-planet.com/downloads/hosts
  [✓] Status: Retrieval successful
  [i] Analyzed 1563 domains, 18 domains invalid!
      Sample of invalid domains:
      - *.c-msedge.net
      - *.e-msedge.net
      - *.s-msedge.net
      - *.a-msedge.net
      - cy2.*.md.mp.microsoft.com.*.

Is there a way to have entries, which have been examined to be invalid, further processed on their wildcards and translate them to regular expressions for PiHole's blacklist?

No. The gravity list is domains only.