PiHole DNS my laptop wont be accepted as client

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Expected Behaviour:

[So I've watched mostly every youtube video that is, and none is helping me regarding this issue. I've installed on my Raspberry pi 4 Kali Linux, which I've always installed Pi-Hole and my DNS is]

Actual Behaviour:

[ It works perfectly fine with my raspberry, every AD is blocked, but however when I enter it manually on my phone or laptop it wont show up as client on Pi-Hole admin nor do I have any wifi when Im trying to do it with my phone. I first thought this may be because I have Ipv6 on. I have tried typing ipconfig /all and i see that my dns is I've done everything right and for some reason it doesn't work at all, it works only on my raspberry Pi 4]

Debug Token:

[I'll share some pictures. ![image|690x225](upload://6dH1RQRDiZwwIlupjk5UsVtJKuY.png) , and here is my ipconfig image ]

Please send us the token generated by

pihole -d

or do it through the Web interface:

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