Pihole behind Traefik handling DHCP in Docker

I'm trying to understand how to setup Pihole handling DHCP for my local network while using a reverse-proxy. I came across this in the doc and this post.
The doc mentions this post saying it works well with reverse proxies but doesn't go into any details.

What's troubling me is in the post, the dhcp_helper is started in host mode, how does this work with Traefik?

What I've managed so far: running Pihole with DHCP without Traefik or running pihole behing Traefik without DHCP (usless because I can't change my modem's DNS servers)

I'm mostly looking for pointers as I can't find anything else relevant to what I'm truing to do.

Traefik isn't involved in DHCP. DHCP is a broadcast protocol using UDP packets. The dhcp_helper needs to be on the network segment that the clients will broadcast to, hence the need ot be in host mode. The helper forwards the DHCP broadcasts to the DHCP server that's on a different network segment and then broadcasts the response from the DHCP server to the client broadcast domain.

I read more, including on DHCP and I was a bit confused. DHCP broadcasts won't go through Traefik and dhcp_helper is just there to forward DHCP broadcasts. Dhcp_helper needs to be in host mode to be in the same network than the clients.
Thank you for hepling a complete newbie such as me.

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