PiHole as DHCP server in RPi + Portainer Config

Hello, i have installed Pihole on my Raspberry Pi.
And it works as expected as the DNS provider for my Orbi Router (RBR20).
However, my PiHole lists my router as the only client (
To fix this, i removed DHCP from my router and enabled DHCP in PiHole.
Upon doing so, all the devices stopped responding. I wasnt even able to connect to router or Pihole settings.
Upon doing some reading, i understood that the docker should be in host config (Docker DHCP and Network Modes - Pi-hole documentation). But the settings mentioned here arent when using Portainer.

Expected Behaviour:

Need PiHole to show all individual clients. This setting should work when PiHole is running on Portainer in a RPi.

Actual Behaviour:

All internet and IP's are inaccessible when changing PiHole as the DHCP server.

Debug Token:


Generally, you want your clients to use the Pihole as their DNS server. It sounds like you have your clients set to use the Orbi as their DNS and Orbi is using Pihole as DNS.

Orbi as DNS pointing to Pihole: Only the Orbi is a DNS client
Clients set DNS to Pihole: all such devices are individual clients of the Pihole

To accomplish this, configure the LAN DHCP settings for whatever you decide will be the sole DHCP server on your network. Set the LAN DNS to be your Pihole, then renew the DHCP leases on each device and test.

Note you can have this work correctly regardless of if the DHCP server is your Orbi or your Pihole, you just have to make sure the DHCP info being handed out tells everybody that the Pihole is your DNS server.