Pihole AdBlock on Twitch

Hello, i Have 2 differnt VPS Servers, both run on ubuntu 22.04 !

VPS # 1 is Ionos
VPS # 2 is Strato

for both i use IPv4 only

i made the basic installation of Pihole + unbound(localhost) + PiVPN

i made the installation from beginning 3 times with always the same outcome. Ionos VPS blocks the ads and Strato only blocks sometimes, even they are completly the same configured.

in the query log i see the requests for both(i was monitoring it, and they also saw the querry)
as example

query[A] video-edge-7181f3.pdx01.abs.hls.ttvnw.net

VPS # 1 blocked the AD but VPS # 2 didnt.

is there a way i can get behind, of what could cause the differnt behaviour?

on Websites, both VPS block the Ads complete normal like they should!!!

i have my Fritzbox set up to WireGuard VPN and also changed the DNS, and yes i changed dns for every time i reinstalled my VPS to test what could cause the Problem.

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