Pi Zero W - arm6

Apologies for creating a new topic, didn't want to step on someone's conversation.

Are there any specific requirements planned for Pihole version 6.

Just asking because I still have a Pi Zero W - arm6 and Pi 3B.

I believe Rasperry Pi Foundation will officially support them until end of 2025.

Either of these will work with any version of Pi-hole, as long as you are running a supported OS. We have users running the latest Pi-hole version on the oldest Pi's.

I am running Dev 6.0 on a Pi Zero W with Bullseye, and have several 3B+, Zero2 W, and 3A+. Pi-hole runs equally well on all of these.

Supported OS:

Raspbian=10,11,12 Ubuntu=20,22,23 Debian=10,11,12 Fedora=36,37,38 CentOS=8,9

FWIW, I run Pihole on Pi 2B - which has similar specs to a Pi Zero (1), except that it has wired Ethernet built-in.

Runs fine - on both Buster and Bookworm - no problems, never noticed any lack of power.



During Idle time, Pihole Beta 6 looks pretty much same as Stable v5
Both are running Zero W with 512 RAM


I used to run v6. n my zero 1w without any problems once the Devs fixed the install (thanks!).