Pi VPN and Dynamic DNS

I would like to be able to set up pivpn with a dynamic dns so I can remote into the raspberry pi and so I can use the pi hole when I'm not at home.

Most of the articles I have found online are either incomplete or outdated.

ISP: Google Fiber
Pi Hole: 5.1.2
noip dynamic hostname created.

I know that the dynamic host name has to be given to the piVPN while being set up. If I use my Google Fiber router too log into the Dynamic DNS do I also have to set up a dynamic dns client on the Raspberry pi?

What is the easiest Dynamic DNS client for the Raspberry Pi?

How do I update a certificate for an openvpn user? How do I delete a openvpn user?

I tried this setup but I get no connection when using the OpenVPN from my android device.

Correction I made a mistake in entering the OpenVPN password. I think it is working but I'll have to do more testing to be sure.