Pi OS 12 DHCP / IP / Wlan Problem

When deactivating the DHCP server on the router, and activating the DHCP server running on my Pihole:

My pi 5 (with pi OS 12) can’t connect to Wlan -> no DHCP server for any other device, -> no internet

My pi 4 (with pi OS 10) connects just fine and provides IP addresses for all other devices.

This seems to be a pi OS 12 network settings issue. Something like: pi 4 assigns itself the last working ip-adress, while pi 5 is just panicking.

There have been router resets in between and i tried several things, hope someone can help me.

A DHCP server cannot assign an address to itself, so usually, the device running it has to be manually configured.

Did you configure a static IP on your RPi5 yet?

I tried, did it wrong, but i found my error.
These settings are in a gui (wlan icon -> advanced options....) And I put in my IPv4 address, mask and gateway. But I overlooked that the default method is "Automatic (DHCP)" And the self assigned static ip only works if the method is set to manual.
thx for the help :slight_smile:

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