Pi-Hole works everywhere except Android Phones


Hi @Valiceemo , please, do you remember the process to fix this problem? I have same error in my devices Android but computers and others pi-hole 100% every time.

thanks very mach for help



I think the key was to disable IPV6 on my router.


Android does unusual things with DNS, I have found blocking access to the Internet on port 53 from any device but my pi-hole forces my android stuff to use the pi-hole. Many topics on this, look for port 53 and you’ll find them. Also on the pi-hole reddit.


I found a solution for our Pixel 2 phones that was related to Private DNS being enabled. Details here: https://www.reddit.com/r/pihole/comments/aco8iu/later_model_andriod_devices_not_working_with/


I had this problem after upgrading to Android Pie. I documented the issue on my Github Project.

Google added a new feature in Chrome called "Async DNS resolver" that ignores your DNS settings and forwards queries to Google instead.This issue can be solved with the following Steps:

* Launch Chrome
* Enter the URL "chrome://flags"
* search for "dns"
* Set "Async DNS resolver" to "Disabled"
* Click on "RELAUNCH NOW" to restart your browser


@Videopac is right.
Here is one solution.
When you have set everything like it should you will notice that ads in Firefox are being blocked.
Ads in Chrome are not blocked.
It is an implementation that Android phone makers add to the setup of the phone. Guess that Google insists on doing so.

How to solve this
Use adb and delete com.android.partnerbrowsercustomizations.chromeHomepage
(or similar, I know it has a slightly different name on Nokia phones)

For a howto on adb goto Google, there is plenty of information.
Just don’t use the complete install, use minimal adb and fastboot instead which you can find on XDA.


I’m not sure why you say this…I see no ads in Google chrome, on either desktop nor mobile.
As far as I am aware, Google do not hardcode DNS servers into their software, but they perhaps do hardcode DNS servers into hardware, such as the Chromecast and Google Home devices

The basic summary of this thread is in order to get Pi-Hole functioning on an android device, I had to disable IPV6…at least for my ISP anyway.
confirmed by a fellow Sky (UK ISP provider) here in another thread


adb uninstall --user 0 com.android.partnerbrowsercustomizations.chromeHomepage