Pi-hole won't stay running

I am seeing the same issue since upgrading to v5. Now either my FTL goes offline, or my DNS or both. I do see that 'Enable' is in the menu, and i hit that and 'Disable' which is normally there, appears.

It is happening about once or twice a day.

Please provide more information about your system and a debug token.

Sure, thanks.

I still haven't heard back on this issue after 1 week. I decided to switch and use dns over https, because i had previously configured dnscrypt and noticed a number of issues. For example if it goes down it won't recover without manual intervention due because it can't resolve addresses. So I put an alternate normal dns resolver from cloudflare which solved that problem. Now I am using dnscrypt on 1 proxy and dns over https for another and giving both those as resolvers to pihole and I haven't seen it burp since then. I may got back and remove dnscrypt if dns over https keeps working ok.

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