Pi-Hole: url to other url redirect with unbound

Hello forum users,

Maybe someone can help me. I want to redirect from one URL to another with Unbound. I tried the whole thing with CName. But apparently that doesn't work. What must the line in the conf look like exactly?

local-zone: "xxxxx.com" redirect
local-data: "xxxxx.com CNAME xxxxx.com."

thank you


Would you care to explain what you are trying to achieve?

There may be easier ways than adding CNAME records.


I just want to redirect INTERNAL in the network when calling a URL to another URL INTERNAL with unbound.

So you have e.g. a fancyphone.local sitting at, and now you want smartphone.local to point to fancyphone.local's IP address as well?

If it's not the redirect itself you are after, how about creating a Local DNS Record for the intended target IP address in Pi-hole instead?


Thanks for your help. I want to go to a url, for example video.com, when I unbound the url video.com. is redirected. I want a point behind the url. Since it is
is an FQN domain, I can bypass advertising.

And I wanted to do that with Unbound. But I can't get it.

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If that means you are trying to point video.com to something like video.com/mainPage/video-1, that would be beyond the scope of DNS.

DNS is only concerned with domain names (i.e. video.com in the example). Anything in a URL behind the domain (i.e. /mainPage or /mainPage/video-1) is completely invisible to DNS.

The desired behavior is

video.com --> video.com. (see the dot)

In that case, I doubt that CNAME resolution would help, as the URL in the browser would remain untouched. It's only DNS resolution that will be one step longer before it returns the final IP.
You can't rewrite URLs in DNS - it's totally lacking understanding of URLs.

It will never work through DNS resolves because IP adresses are returned and nothing more.

This can only be done in the client browser or other APP.

Lets say, the attached dot is sent to a DNS server then that will not change the outcome of the resolve.

The intepretation of the URL is done by the server providing the content.