Pi-Hole stats are resetting to zero randomly



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Expected Behaviour:

I expect the statistics on the home page, such as the total and blocked queries, not to reset at random moments.

Actual Behaviour:

You can do anything, close the Pi-Hole interface, press some random buttons, do exactly the same as you did the previous time it happens, but sometimes, all the stats just change back to zero’s. Like there’s nothing in the log. The log itself doesn’t clear at all, all the requests are still inside the logs.

Debug Token:



What does
echo ">stats" | nc localhost 4711

domains_being_blocked 816942
dns_queries_today 7508
ads_blocked_today 2861
ads_percentage_today 38.106022
unique_domains 537
queries_forwarded 2965
queries_cached 1682
clients_ever_seen 10
unique_clients 10
dns_queries_all_types 8751
reply_NODATA 108
reply_NXDOMAIN 9
reply_CNAME 1716
reply_IP 6424
status enabled


OK so this shows stats are being recorded correctly. I see Apache2 is running on port 80. Have you made modifications to the install in order to use a different webserver? If so you would need to re do those mods after updatig as they do not persist after an update and we do not directly support that use case.


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