Pi-hole Slowing Internet


Expected Behaviour:

Pi-Hole should be blocking ads and not slowing the internet speed

Actual Behaviour:

Pi-Hole does block ads but slows the internet severely (~50mbps down to ~25mbps)

Debug Token:




The debug log looks fine. Do clients have any issue with resolving domain names during the observed slowdowns? Are you trying to route your traffic through the Pi-hole server, or are you just using the Pi-hole for DNS as designed?



I’m not sure what you mean by routing traffic through the pi but I think that the speed issues are mostly resolved. I think it might have been because I set custom dns servers because when I switched back to Cloudflare the speed gradually came back. I still think that there are some issues with one of the computers in my house that is farther away from the router, but that could just be normal. I have my raspi configured as the dns server and as the dhcp server.


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