Pi-Hole server name pi.hole instead of hostname

Expected Behaviour:

Whenever you do an nslookup the server name: should show the hostname of the pi. This works as expected on another on my secondary pihole. Pi-hole [v5.3.1] Web Interface [v5.5.1] FTL [v5.8.1]


Actual Behaviour:

When I do an nslookup the server name says pi.hole instead of the hostname. This started happening when I upgraded to Pi-hole [v5.4] Web Interface [v5.6] FTL [v5.9]


Any help would be appreciated!

What sudo cat /etc/resolv.conf shows?
The other may have external ip and the latter internal ip. Normally your server is pi.hole and you can use it with your browser too.


Thanks for the reply. I have:

Generated by resolvconf


This is the same on both of my pi holes.

Both servers are set up exactly the same way on the same subnet internally. the server name only changed to pi.hole once I updated it. I also wiped the pi and re-installed it to make sure it wasn't a bug.

Thanks for the link. I've had a read through and understand the change that has been made. My question is how do I get this to display the host name? I have 2 piholes and for troubleshooting it is helpful to know which server the request is going to.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

For anyone looking this. I found the following thread useful

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You can either wait for the next release of Pi-hole or join beta testing the current bleeding-edge development version using

pihole checkout dev

(batteries included but things may break, immediate support is on your side in case).

After switching to the development branch, you can set


as mentioned by jfb.

Just don't forget to switch back to master once we released the next version (or stay with us on bleeding-edge).

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