Pi-Hole rookie, how can I see device names/IP address in query log?

Netgear R6400 router
-Running stock firmware
-Acting as DHCP server. DHCP server=
-Primary DNS server is pointed to Pi-Hole IP address. No secondary DNS server is assigned.

-Stock install with very few settings changed
-Recently enabled Use Conditional Forwarding. Local network in CIDR notation= IP address of your DHCP server=
-Entered 'R6400' in Local device name. Not sure if this is correct, but it was the closest match I could find in the DHCP area of the router config page in LAN Setup>Device Name

I continue to only see the router's IP address in the Client column of the query log. How can I see names/connected device IP addresses here? I'd prefer to leave Netgear router as the DHCP server out of convenience. Additionally, are my connected devices indicated as 'Device does not use Pi-Hole' in the Network overview page? I've attached a screenshot illustrating this.

I had thought that Conditional Forwarding was supposed to work around the scenario/apparent limitation where a router is acting as the DHCP server?

Conditional forwarding ensures your Pi-hole can get host names for your devices when the router is your DHCP server. However, when the router makes all the queries itself (even if on behalf of the clients), there is really no way Pi-hole could see who was the original requestor.

When the router does not allow you to change this (and has no option to enable EDNS(0)/ECS), you'll have to switch to the Pi-hole DHCP server. I (and many more users) are using it for years and it has always been rock-solid. Plus you have a much easier configuration, no need for any conditional forwarding, etc.

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