Pi-hole public dns server project?

Recently I bought my first Pi and installed Pi-hole, it's awesome tnx!
Everybody should have this!
But probably not everybody will be able to get a Pi up and running, install Pi-hole, handle problems and be sure to enable ufw with sensible settings.
So... why not add a public dns server to the project!
People could just set the dns server ip addresses in their router, no need for anything else.
The Pi-hole project can change the world :slight_smile:

The fundamental problem with a public Pi-hole is that they are not controlled in any way (unlike the sophisticated controls that Google and Cloudflare can apply to their servers). A Pi-hole is designed to be run within the protected confines of your LAN, not exposed to the internet.

Google "Open DNS resolver" for a number of articles on why open resolvers are highly undesirable.

Maybe my suggestion is a little naive but the thought makes me very happy.
My mom could be protected from all of those nasty trackers.
I'm sure it would be very difficult, I'll take your word for it, but it should be possible right?
If Google can do it, why not the Pi-hole project :slight_smile:
Google is not exactly using it's superpowers to protect my mom.
Someone nice should develop superpowers to counter the status quo.
Why not you :wink:

You could purchase a Pi Zero and set this up for her. She might appreciate that.

The Pi-hole project provides the Pi-hole software for use on private networks, and does not host (or intend to host) DNS resolvers.

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My mom was just an example of someone who doesn't know a lot about "computers".
I can't install Pi-hole on every network, though everyone should have Pi-hole.
Also, when I leave my home Pi-hole will not protect me anymore, while it would be possible to set custom dns servers on my phone.
My suggestion was to extend the project, I am aware that currently it is intended to run on Pi's.
The public dns server could of course run on a network of Pi's, wouldn't that be awesome?
Google defeated by Pi's :slight_smile:

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Why did you close this thread?
This is a place to discourse right?
Am I not allowed to suggest thinking beyond the Pi domain to reach more people with the great Pi-hole concept?
Are other people not allowed to join the conversation?
I didn't mention any open resolver.
Actually I imagined a data center with lots of Pi's working together, operated by our Pi-hole project friends to protect us from nasty trackers.
How does that offend you?
Currently Google, Facebook and all of their hostile friends aren't loosing one minute of sleep over the Pi-hole project.
If everyone could easily use a friendly dns server, that would change dramatically over night.
Just think about it, maybe not you, anyone is fine.

You can set up a VPN so you can tunnel back to your home Pi-hole. We have a guide for that.


As noted in my first reply, this would be the opposite of awesome - it would be an open resolver. The Pi-hole project does not support nor condone open resolvers.