Pi-hole, OpenWRT and Windscribe


Couple days ago I decided to make an upgrade to my home network. Got my BT HomeHub DSL router flashed with OpenWRT 19.07, applied OpenVPN+Windscribe and Pi-hole (RPI W Zero) as my DNS blocker. Everything is working well, but the network speed dropped from 75 to 10Mbps.

I tried Wireguard - result pretty similar. I guess it's all to do with the slow router...

I've come up with some ideas, but I don't really know where to start:

  1. I can use Windscribe's desktop client, and get regular speed, but DNS queries don't go through Pi-Hole. How can I force it to use Pi-hole?

  2. If I will use Pi-hole as DHCP server, will I get the same problem as above?

  3. Can I set wireguard VPN to work with Windscribe on Pi-hole and set router's traffic to go through Pi-hole?


This is a question for folks using OpenWRT with an OpenVPN gateway on a BT Homehub.

You'd have a better chance for a knowledgable answer if you considered consulting their respective forums as well.

On a side note, compiling and running Wireguard on a Zero will max out the Zero at 100% CPU while delivering somewhere below 20Mbit/s under sustained loads. That's quite enough to email and browse and even stream full HD videos, but a significant penalty on large volume data transfers like downloads.

Closing this as off-topic.