Pi-hole on Docker with Cloudflared authorise a specific domain to bypass Cloudflared

The issue I am facing:
Hello everyone, maybe the issue has been challenged already but I'm facing an issue to set up properly.

Currently I run Pi-hole on Docker alongside Cloudflared (for DoH) on my Raspberry Pi (using macvlan) as a an alternative DNS / DHCP server at home. Everything run smoothly except one thing. I have an iPhone that needs to contact my carrier (Orange in France) at the address dav.orange.fr for the visual voice mail running (otherwise I dont't receive the message left on the answering machine). This particular adress can only be reached through the Orange DNS and I want to tell Pi-hole to contact the Orange DNS instead of Cloudflare when a device tries to reach this address.

It seems that making changes in etc/dnsmasq folder with a specific file could help but I can't make it work. Maybe an alternative through the Pi-hole Web UI could work ?

Thank you for your time and help