Pi-hole, OMV and Emby

Greetings all,

I've poked around to find the answer to my question but couldn't find a perfect match. If I missed it I apologize in advance. If the case please feel free to direct me in the right direction.

I'm running OMV & Emby(similar to Plex) on a raspberry pi 4. Both installs are running side by side; not in docker. Is it a good idea to install pi-hole on this same device if I change the port used by OMV to something like port 81? Is there any guidelines or do's and don't I should follow so that my webservers don't conflict with each other? If I can avoid using docker, I would like to go that route....

thanks in advance to everyone that took the time to look at this.


You can change the port on the Pi-hole web interface, here is documentation on the ports Pi-hole uses:


And then take a look at this thread:

Thanks for your help but I just took a chance and just changed the OMV port to 81 as its super simple in the web interface and proceeded to installing Pi-Hole. Everything works! The only thing I had to do was to make Pi-Hole the DHCP server because my ISP router (Bell Home Hub 3000) was not playing nice for some reason.... All and all, I installed OMV., Emby and Pi-Hole on my raspberry Pi 4 without using docker and everything is working.