Pi-hole not working

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Hi all, fairly new to networking so apologies if I’m doing something stupid. I’ve created a Pi-hole and added addition black listing to prevent adds on YouTube and a test on buck free press however I don’t think it’s working. Most traffic if going through apple time and not websites so not sure what I can do to fix this issue. I’m using my own apple time capsule as we share rooters.

I’ll include some screenshots of information retaliating to it. Please let me know if you can help

Any DNS filtering software (including Pi-hole) is ineffective for filtering ads delivered by the same domain as content (likeYoutube often does), unless you'd happy to block the content along with the ads.

If blocking ads on YouTube is your primary goal, consider a browser extension like uBlock Origin.

Thank you for this information, much appreciated. Thanks for then suggestion, will do some research as I’m looking for a ad blocker for my Apple TV as I watch YouTube on there often

Subscribe to YT Premium.

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