Pi-hole not working on clients


Hi Am

Kindly assist, I have pihole setup on my Desktop, Its a basic setup, running DHCP using FOG(server).

The pihole server is able to block ads, but client who has the pihole server a their dns server are not blocking ads like the server.

Is there something I am missing?



HI @jfb

Thank you very much for the response.

I am going to try that solution out tonight.

I will let you know how it goes.




I tried one of the steps which was making the pihole machine the only dns server, also on clients and it seems to be working. The last thing i had not tried was the /etc/hosts method, which i will try as well.

But i picked up a strange thing, not sure whether it is a buug or what, but if i visit the Ookla speed test which has ads, the page will not hav any ad, but if you refresh the page and scroll down on it, the ads return.

Not sure if this could be some sort of a bug


When you load that page, tail your Pi-Hole log and see what domains are getting through.


Hi @jfb

I uninstalled and reinstalled pihole and used pihole dhcp, now it’s working fine

Would have loved to intergrate a different dhcp with pihole like isc-dhcp-server and not have issues.

Thanks again for your time.