Pi-hole not visible in router's DHCP client list


Pi-hole installed on Raspberry Pi 2b with latest Raspbian OS. I used the simplest set-up and added the Pi-hole’s DHCP-assigned IP to the DNS server configuration in my router. After several days of operation with everything working perfectly, I went back to the router’s DHCP configuration to make the Pi-hole’s IP a permanently assigned address. However, when I went to the router’s DHCP Client List to get the Pi-hole’s MAC address I discovered it no longer appears there. I’ve checked the FAQ’s and previous questions and did not find anything related. Does anyone know why the Pi-hole is not in the router’s DHCP client list even though it does not have a static IP yet? Is this happening because the Pi-hole’s assigned IP is also listed in the router’s DNS server config? The router is a TP-Link AC-1750.


I think that in the first time, the router shows you the pihole because it’s on dhcp lease. The pihole’s setup, if I’m not wrong, convert dynamic IP to static.


ip a will show you your various interfaces and their MAC/IP addresses when run on the pi


From what I’ve read in a couple of other places, I think this is the right answer. I’ve also rebooted the router several times and although most of the other clients got new IPs the Pi-hole did not so it appears giving it a static IP in the router really isn’t necessary.



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