Pi-hole not receiving queries and not blocking ads

Expected Behaviour:

I recently decided to start using pi-hole as a DHCP server for network-wide blocking of ads using docker via a bridge connection. My docker-compose is:

version: '3'
container_name: pihole
image: pihole/pihole:latest
TZ: 'Netherlands/Amsterdam' # Set your timezone
WEBPASSWORD: '[REDACTED]' # Set a secure password
- '/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-04396e5d-6599-4e9c-aa7a-fb5f7046bbd0/Data/Pihole/pihole:/etc/pihole/'
- '/srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-04396e5d-6599-4e9c-aa7a-fb5f7046bbd0/Data/Pihole/dnsmasq.d:/etc/dnsmasq.d/'
- '53:53/tcp'
- '53:53/udp'
- '67:67/udp'
- '80:80/tcp'
- '443:443/tcp'
ipv4_address: ''
driver: macvlan
parent: enp2s0
- subnet:

This is running on an Openmediavault server.

Actual Behaviour:

A suspicious lack of queries, only consisting of wpad. No ads get blocked.

Debug Token:


Sorry for the lack of information. I will gladly provide further information if required.

The log shows Pi-hole is receiving and answering queries:

   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M] Imported 59 queries from the long-term database
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M]  -> Total DNS queries: 59
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M]  -> Cached DNS queries: 5
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M]  -> Forwarded DNS queries: 52
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M]  -> Blocked DNS queries: 2
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M]  -> Unknown DNS queries: 0
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M]  -> Unique domains: 18
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M]  -> Unique clients: 3
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M]  -> Known forward destinations: 2
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.281 3784M] Successfully accessed setupVars.conf
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.282 3784M] listening on port 53
   [2023-09-18 23:35:58.282 3784M] listening on :: port 53

Maybe the devices are still using the previous DNS information.

Did you renew the DHCP lease on your devices after you set Pi-hole as DHCP server?

DHCP lease has been renewed and shows up within Pi-hole. Devices show that they are using Pi-hole as their DNS. And most of those DNS queries are actually wpad requests sent by Windows and me changing up up the external DNS in pi-hole hoping that would fix the issue. Actual traffic on the devices doesn't show up.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 025426

Nslookup cannot find an address for server pi.hole saying that it is a non-existent domain, so there is something going wrong there.

Are you running Pi-hole image using Docker Desktop for Windows?

Sorry. I just read you are running on a OpenMediaVault server.

Found out the issue. Seems like ipv6 traffic is not going through Pi-hole and is relying on ipv6 fallback.