Pi-Hole Not Blocking YouTube Ads IOS

I’ve got pi hole setup on my pi and it seems to be working on my Mac and AppleTv I directly referenced the pi as the sole dns and not the router. It didn’t seem to work on the router.

Expected Behaviour:

To block ads on YouTube with safari or the app via IOS

Actual Behaviour:

The YouTube app on my iPhone and safari referencing YouTube seem to allow the same ads to come through.

Debug Token

Is there a way to run this on iOS? Or am I suppose to do this on the pi and then trigger the ad via iOS app. Please advise on how to create the token.

My first time here! I just setup the headless pi last night and already have it doing something useful! :smile:



Short answer: Pi-hole cannot block ads Youtube on iOS (via the app or safari).

The long answer:


From the command line run a pihole -d

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or do it through the Web interface. You don't receive a token until you upload the debug log - it should appear after you upload.

My understanding is that this debug log is intended to reveal all the DNS requests during the debug session and that at some point (I would assume the timing is important) that I would refresh or call that web page to see what happens on the pi-hole. Am I on the right track here? Can you describe the sequence of events...?



BTW: Youtube via AppleTV seems to be playing without ads since using pi-hole. The problem was that I noticed that my phone seemed to play the video ads.

Also, HULU on AppleTV does seem to play the video ads during a short test.

Anyway to suppress HULU via AppleTV?

Are these issues being worked on...? I mean is there an expected solution in the near term?



You are on the right track, but the log you are referring to is the pihole.log. The debug log is a file generated when you run the debug command (pihole -d). At the end of the debug log, you are asked if you want to upload the log. If you select yes, the log goes to a server and the token you get allows the developers to find your token. The debug log is a tool to let both you and the developers troubleshoot any Pi-Hole problems.

Tailing the pihole.log lets you see in real time all the DNS traffic passing through the Pi-Hole.

The pihole.log is tailed by one of the following methods:

  1. Admin GUI > tools > tail pihole.log
  2. From the command line, pihole -t
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That I noticed also on my side (but only if you play from within the app, and not airplay from the iPhone/iPad - if you airplay, ads will be airplayed too). Also the same happens via Playstation's Youtube player.

With the mobile app/browser, there is a complex check for a specific pattern/sequence at content pre-load, that is beyond the (only) DNS resolution/block ability of Pi-hole.

As for HULU, you can do what @jfb said. Tail the log, and see in real-time what domains are queried/needed by the HULU app.

By elimination, see what blocked domains get you to an ad-free experience.

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