Pi-Hole not blocking ads

I am testing whether my Pi-Hole installation is working by testing Pi-Hole's effectiveness at https://fuzzthepiguy.tech/adtest/. I see ads on the page. See attached screenshot for evidence. Please help troubleshoot and resolve.

It's not just a specific ad domain. My Pi-hole is not blocking any ads in my observation. Please help with troubleshooting or reinstallation steps.

Please generate a debug log, upload it when prompted and post the token here.

Debug token is https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/CKcOPPKX/

Your debug log shows that Pi-hole is working.

You have two Google DNS servers being provided by your DHCP server.

DHCP options:
      Message type: DHCPOFFER (2)
      lease-time: 86400 ( 1d )
         renewal-time: 43200 ( 12h )
      rebinding-time: 75600 ( 21h )
      domain-name: "local"

Don't do this:

Also, don't use local for your domain name. This will cause conflicts with multicast DNS services.


From a client that you believe should be connected to the Pi-Hole for DNS, from the command prompt or terminal on that client (and not via ssh or Putty to the Pi), what is the output of

nslookup pi.hole

C:\Users\pgatt>nslookup pi.hole
Server: pi.hole

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: pi.hole.genera.com

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