Pi-hole mobile - RV, Camping, Mcdonalds

Hello to all,

I am trying to learn how I could use this application more independently.

Okay I love the concept of what the software offers. Yes I think the developer is a "god"

But my question here is NOT for a BASIC ANSWER, I do not have a direct "yes" or "no" question.

I am asking if I want to use this application more and mobile ?? how can I do that.

So yes I have (6) copies of the software installed. One on a RPI0 (raspberry zero), One on a RPI3B+ (raspberry 3b+) ... Also WIFI configured ...... okay you get the idea. A few copies of the application.

To use with maybe an RV .... may be in a hotel ..... maybe in a McDonalds

But the problem is to linking all the devices. IPAD, LAPTOP, etc.

Question looking for something like :::

GL-AR750S / Slate - GL.iNet
with a
USB thumb drive (with pi-hole installed and working)


yes, also found more information

If you want to use pihole from outside of your home, you need to setup a VPN which directs all your DNS traffic to your pihole independently of the network you are connected to.


Thanks, yes ... I missed that.

I never used in the past, however have read a bit about the subject. Maybe the solution.

It is easy to set up a travel router and Pi-hole for use when you travel. I do this frequently.

Small travel router (in my case a TP-Link) than can either extend an existing WiFi network, or can connect via ethernet. The router is on an IP range completely different than my home network, and has a dedicated Pi Zero W with a real time clock module that is set to connect to that router.

At home, I set this router up with an ethernet connection to my home router. Then I set up all the devices that will travel with me/us on the SSID of the travel router, and tell the devices to remember this network.

When I get where I'm going, I plug in the travel router, connect it to the local network, turn on the Pi, all the devices we travel with find this network automatically, and we're set. Private network with a Pi-hole.

I actually had to use this setup today in my own home when our ISP had an outage due to a storm. Kept me up and running doing work on the internet for three hours until they fixed the outage.

Thanks for some fantastic ideas.
Very good suggestions.


We all understand :::
The OP was with a router 2 port and WAN - USB 2.0 and SDcard slot model. I was hoping to have a self contained unit that would run "pi-hole" on with the SDcard OR the USB 2.0.

I would have liked to load on a memory card (USB or SDcard) to add to any unit.

GREAT suggestion ... wonderful help.

Yes, I found the mini routers that I also use for MESH - AREDN connections around the yard. 30 years of AmateurRadio License I have a number of devices and repeaters (NXDN, P25, DMR).

My request for help was something you can carry with you. I understand how my home is setup with existing nodes using pi-hole. However if you travel and in another county or eating a 2 dollar hamburger and want ad free internet ( yes ..yes ... application exist "adblocker")

I am going to close .... as solution .... and keep exploring ... as another post exist with a similar question .......

1.) Examples of selected Travel Routers

2.) Notice this other unit is a RaspberryPI 3B+ with a solar power bank and not the Travel Router and solar power bank of the OP.

2.) Notice this other unit is a RaspberryPI 3B+ with a solar power bank and not the Travel Router and solar power bank of the OP.

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