Pi-hole + isc-dhcp conditional forwarding

Hi everyone,

I have been playing with pihole for a while, and I've ended up with a custom environment, which simplified (only talking about what its related to this, it consists on a raspberry running pihole and also acting as the network dhcp server, not with the pihole built-in dhcp, but with a manual install of isc-dhcp-server.

The dhcp server is able to see the client names:

Feb 06 22:35:29 xana dhcpd[1178]: DHCPREQUEST for from 44:8c:00:60:73:5b (realme-GT-2-Pro) via eth0
Feb 06 22:35:29 xana dhcpd[1178]: DHCPACK on to 44:8c:00:60:73:5b (realme-GT-2-Pro) via eth0

Knowing all this, I would like to know how to use those client names as client names for pihole also. I guess that should be done from the pihole configuration, at the conditional forwarding section, but when I specify the dhcp server IP, which is the same as the pihole IP, a warning appears:

Warning in dnsmasq core:
ignoring nameserver - local interface

And the client names are never updated, only show the client IPs.

Does anyone know how could I make this environment to work correctly?

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