Pi-hole is unable to resolve some websites "OK (forwarded to"

The issue I am facing:

When I go to versions.pi-hole.net I am told that the server was not found by Firefox and Chrome. Chrome says "versions.pi-hole.net’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem." and thinks there's a typo.

This is the first time I had noticed this issue, but it has probably happened before and I probably just didn't notice or assumed the website blocked my ip

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
I have a pi-hole installed in my network.
I have a router with OpenWRT and tor. Tor was configured following the OpenWRT tor guide + the advice on this forum post. This issue happens even without tor.
I am also using a vpn (Windscribe) on my Pi-Hole, but even when it's disconnected I have the same issue.

I think I also made a change with the Pi-Hole page. Instead of showing you the slogan, it says "warning, be careful with what you clicked!"

Details about my system:
Pi-Hole is installed in a Raspberry Pi Lite Zero right now (I was able to continue with the setup and workaround this error)

Debug log

No, the spelling is correct.

There is neither a web interface for that domain (which would be required if you'd want open it in a web browser) nor an IP address to begin with (i.e. no A or AAAA records)
And the DNS server is not intended to have those records at all: It just serves the list of OS versions as currently supported by Pi-hole, as accessible by running:

dig +short -t txt versions.pi-hole.net
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Your debug log shows that Pi-hole is able to resolve the domain correctly using the command provided by @Bucking_Horn

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Operating system
[i] dig return code:  0
[i] dig response:  "Raspbian=9,10,11 Ubuntu=16,18,20,21 Debian=9,10,11 Fedora=33,34 CentOS=7,8"
[✓] Distro:  Raspbian
[✓] Version: 11

I have no idea why it was giving me issues while installing pihole, I had to skip this step by using the raspberry pi os check skip variable.

I just hope I don't face a similar issue in the future. If I do I'll make a new post