Pi-hole has no internet connection on DHCP


Expected Behaviour:

Pi-hole and networked devices are able to connect to the internet with advertisement filtering.

Actual Behaviour:

The pi-hole and no other network devices are able to connect to the internet.

Debug Token:

No internet access so no token.

In short, my ISP-provided router (plusnet hub 1) doesn’t allow custom DNS settings so I am trying to go down the DHCP route. However despite setting everything up right (as far as I can tell) the pi-hole seems completely unable to access the internet, and so browsing on any device connected to the network, all webpages return “DNS address cannot be found” errors. My steps so far:

  1. Reconfigured the pihole with a static ip within the router’s acceptable range.

  2. Restarted the pi-hole to allow this new ip to take effect (and doing this allowed other devices to use the browser interface).

  3. Disabled DHCP on the router, and enabled it on the pi-hole, configuring the gateway address and range of local ip addresses to give out to match the router.

  4. Restarted the router to refresh every device’s connection.

Once the router had booted up, the pi-hole browser interface showed all devices has connected and been given addresses in the acceptable range, however the pi, and no devices had internet access. Any attempt to connect to a webpage threw an immediate DNS error, as though the browser was not connected to any DNS service. Additionally, when puttying into the pi-hole itself, it is unable to access the internet. Pinging the router worked fine, however pinging any internet address (including just google DNS) couldn’t go through. Any attempt to ping to an addressed site (meaning pi-hole.net rather than just returned a name resolution error.

Does anyone know what this is or what might be causing it? Any idea how to fix this?


This sounds like a gateway problem. What’s the output of

ip route
cat /etc/resolv.conf


Also, did you reserve the pihole ip address in the DHCP server as a static lease or did you just manually assign a static ip to the pihole. There may be an ip conflict if you did the latter.

What does /etc/resolv.conf show?

What happens if you do “nslookup server www.cnn.com”? Do you get a name resolution?

On your pihole, did you define your default gateway? “netstat -rn” should give you and entry like this:
Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags MSS Window UG 0 0 0 eth0


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