Pi-hole Gratitude

Installed and started using Pi-hole a few days ago. This is an amazing piece of software. I was looking for years for some kind of program that would give me network wide control over the internet and now I finally found it. Will definitely recommend to others. Thanks to all the developers.


Glad you like it.


might be only true for devices you really control. Other humans (guests, kids,..) can change the DNS server of their devices fairly easily which will bypass Pi-hole's internet control.

I have my home network set up so that the internet can only be accessed through the main home router and I have my router's DHCP setting as the Pi-hole server. I tried changing the DNS on some of the computers on my network and no sites are able to load up. Is there a way to get around this set up?

It depends what exactly you did by

If you prevent access to external DNS servers other then Pi-hole, simply changing the DNS servers will fail. But DoT and DoH will still work.

Ah thanks for pointing this out. I had no idea what DoH and DoT were. The first thing I came across is that a DoH option is in browsers like Firefox and it was able to bypass my pi-hole server when turned on. I found a way to turn it off and lock the preference though. Haven't even looked into DoT yet.