Pi-Hole Doesnt Work with new wifi

Debug Token: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/WPCYIByK/

Please provide proper details as per the template provided. What is meant by "doesn't work"? What exactly do you see, and what do you expect to see?

It seems like the wifi web interface doesnt support the pi-hole i tryed for over an hour and still doesnt work.

Also im using an "Telekom Speedport Smart 4" could it be that it might not be compatible ?

Need more details, maybe a screenshot of what you are seeing.

What URL are you typing in, what is the exact words displayed by the browser. The more exact details you provide, the quicker and more accurately we can help you. That's why we have the template to do most of this at the start.

Oder sprichst du deutsch?

Jo Deutsch angenehmer :sweat_smile:

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