Pi-Hole doesn't work with canalplus (MyCanal on AndroidTV)


I have a problem : I install Pi-Hole today, and after fithing with my box internet, i have DNS server in my devices.
However, in my Google TV, the application "MyCanal" for canal+ doesn't work. It loads indefinitely. But in my computer, I have no problem.
If I desactivated my Pi-Hole, the problem is the same.
Could someone please help me ?

Pi-hole was installed in Rasbery Pi 4, in Rasbery-OS. I activated the DHCP in the rasberry.

Thank you !

Edit : The TV is available after a wait of several minutes, which is very annoying.
It's not possible by chance to say "For this application, you let everything go through see you use another DNS, maybe with another solution?"

Pi-hole doesn't see individual applications, but Pi-hole sees individual devices.

You can create a new group without any blocklist (or with a different set of blocklists) and add the TV to that group.


I just noticed this part:

If the issue happens when Pi-hole is deactivated, something else is causing the delay.

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