Pi-hole doesn't block ads

Expected Behaviour:

[More than 50% ads blocked]

Actual Behaviour:

Pi-hole adblock is not working.
Ads are still shown as before

Debug Token:


Did you configure your network to take advantage of Pi-hole yet?

Yes, my dns server ip is the one of my raspberry where I installed pi hole

Run from your Pi-hole machine, what's the output of:

echo ">stats >quit" | nc localhost 4711
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If you compare those stats output with Pi-hole's current UI info (probably immediately after rerunning those stats), would they match closely?

What is the command for the current UI info?

I meant to compare a current stats output with the information as shown on your Pi-hole's UI.

It's matching

Is Eth0 correct for mobile devices?
My raspberry is via lan connected to my router

The Interface here is the interface from Pi-hole host machine.

In your case, your Raspberry Pi has only one active interface (eth0).

Some machines may have more than one active interface and this page will identify them.