Pi-Hole doesn´t use the DNS Cache with DNSSEC enabled. Why?


Hi again.

I noticed that my Pi-Hole does not use any entries in the cache.

DNS cache size: 10000
DNS cache insertions: 0
DNS cache evictions: 0

In the beginning, that still worked, not anymore. Does anyone have any idea why this might be? DNSSEC is enabled. Unfortunately pihole -r and Co. did not help. Or is the behavior normal?

Token: Since I currently have another problem, a token will lure you on the wrong track, which is why I have not added any here.

Thank you very much.


Had the same problem with v4.1.2 and enabled DNSSEC, and still have with v4.2.1.
I have DNSSEC disabled now :frowning_face:


As noted above by @mibere there have been problems with cache and DNSSEC.

Which upstream DNS servers are you using, and can you disable DNSSEC and see if the problem resolves?


Thanks for your answers.

I use AS250.net Foundation (https://as250.net/) as Upstream.
Test it without DNSSEC when I am home again.


Yes, without DNSSEC the DNS Cache is working.
Are the devs working on this issue?


DNSSEC and the DNS cache are implemented by dnsmasq. If there’s a bug in those areas, it is a dnsmasq bug, not a Pi-hole bug.