Pi-hole documentation typos, mistakes, WireGuard section

Found some typos or sentences that could be better.

my install
RPi 3 Model B
DietPi v8.10.2 "Bullseye"
Pi-hole v5.13, FTL v5.18.2, Web Interface v5.16

I'd like to see mention of "your first command, sudo -i will change the prompt to root@DietPi> or whatever install you have. The fourth command name="client-name" sets a variable for name. Below, on the various commands that variable will automatically be swapped out for the spot where {name} appears. You can double check this is the case with this command:

echo ${name}

this addition
"After a restart, the server file should look like:"
could read
"After a restart, the server file (wg0.conf) should look like:"

for the example code, after "After a restart, the server file should look like:", it would be nice to have something like: if you've added your second client, the server file (wg0.conf) should look like this:
and add another [Peer] with an incremented IP.
AllowedIPs =, fd08:4711::3/128

Likewise with the wg command, a second, incremented client.

"Settings page (tab DNS)" doesn't say anything about "listing mode" (typo for "listening mode?") There is no "Listen of all interfaces" (or a "Listen on all interfaces)

under "Next, add your server as peer for this client:"
I assume this is
nano ${name}.conf, where {name} is the name of the client you're currently working on.

then I copy/paste

AllowedIPs =, fd08:4711::1/128
Endpoint = [your public IP or domain]:47111
PersistentKeepalive = 25

and edit the [your public IP or domain]
before saving out of the file

Pull requests are welcomed on our Github page.

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A “pull request” thanks I should learn how to use GitHub. I’ll submits these over there.