Pi-Hole dashboard how to show unbound ipv4/v6 separately?

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Post by @jpgpi250. I also want to achieve this (unbound IPv4/v6 showing separately) in my Pi-Hole dashboard. Like this:

I do something wrong and I only get to show unbound-IPv6 for all queries of both versions. What am I doing wrong?

Here's my Hosts file:

And my Pi-Hole settings:
Screenshot 2021-07-13 203815

What is your goal here? There is no difference between ::1 and - both are the exact same local host. If you concerned about getting IPv6 name resolution - AAAA queries can be answered by an IPV4 reachable DNS server, too.

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Not possible when unbound is listening on ::1 and The topic, you linked to, shows I'm using addresses and fdaa:bbcc:ddee:2::5552 to achieve this.

As others have noted, you can do this by eliminating the IPv6 Custom3 IP. Both of the loopback addresses you have specified lead to the exact same place. You only need the IPv4 IP. The functionality will be unchanged and you will see in a single pie slice of the chart all the DNS queries answered by unbound.

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