Pi-Hole completely broke my network


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Expected Behaviour:

Update Pi-Hole and not break anything (or if there was breakage, it should be minimal)

Actual Behaviour:

Completely broke my network, still figuring out if it broke my firewall, or my routing. (Pi-Hole was installed on my gateway)

Debug Token:

Having issue getting debug token, since everything is so broken.


All I did was try updating my pi-hole using pihole -up. This worked for many months on my gateway without issue. However, all of a sudden it would no longer update, and said unsupported RPM based distro. I did some googleing and found that if I remove the exit statement in the basic-install.sh script that stops the update process, it will be treated as a CentOS 7 install. I am using ClearOS 7. When I did this, my network dropped. Still troubleshooting to see if firewall issue, or routing issue, but that entire subnet is screwed now. I am using a different subnet on a different physical interface, and it’s okay for a while, then it drops as well. It’s so bad, that I cannot even access my router on my lan using a static IP, however I can access it over the WAN. Now I cannot even acccess it over the WAN, which makes me suspect it’s probably a firewall issue, and now my firewall is probably in panic mode.


You have an installation on an unsupported platform, thus the unexpected behavior.


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