Pi-Hole + Cloudflared + Conditional Forwarding = ?Possible?

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Expected Behaviour:

Local DNS resolution via Conditional Forwarding & PowerDNS

Actual Behaviour:

Local DNS resolution does not function

Debug Token:


So way back when I started with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Pi-hole. Moved up to DietPi (which uses the same script, but it’s baked-in). From there, started using first Quad9, then Cloudflared. Then found the instructions for Unbound, and for the cloudflared DoH client to (each) run locally, as well as DNSSEC. Finally, decided to run 2 instances of the client on one RasPi (e.g. cloudflared1 and cloudflared2), and now I have one Pi-Hole running 2 Unbound+DoH instances (HW changed to a RasPi 2 Model B).

Now after ALL of this, I decided to turn on Conditional Forwarding. Welp, it doesn’t work. Seeing as how I am unsure exactly how it works (i.e. where in the process Pi-hole itself checks internal IP ranges), I am unsure whether or not C.F. works with the cloudflared daemons or not. Or, maybe it does, but I have to put it into the “custom” IPs?

[Note: I originally created this thread late last night over in the Reddit forums. I was very tired. I woke up and realized I needed to make a post here. So here is the original /r/Pi-Hole post with my not-very-accurate description information in case it can be of any help.]

Closing the topic.

Turns out, my PowerDNS+PowerDNS-Admin build spontaneously “died”. Switched to Technitium (now in Beta 4.0), and all is well.

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