Pi-hole causing "additional logon information may be required" message


Hi all,
after today update list Pi-Hole i hawe a same problem as users on reddit…

All my PC says:

“additional logon information may be required”

I was deleting the cache. Restart PC and still the same :frowning:


You probably need to whitelist several Microsoft domains:


Thank you.

I found a mistake … I had in the list of duplicate block list list … ( Lists used to generate Pi-hole’s Gravity)
(maybe improvements for the new version.)
It would not be possible to add a duplicate in COLLOR list.

Thank you annd have a nice day :slight_smile:


Had the same issue and decided to whitelist both domains : IPv4 and IPv6 variants are used by Windows (and some other devices which makes this a weird thing!) to check for connectivity!

I think one of the blacklist maintainers has decided to block them since today ?!

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