Pi hole blocking very low percentage of queries

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Hello - thank you for taking time to read this. Very new to this so apologies up front. I have pi-hole installed on Raspberry Pi running rasbian, Release 10 , Buster.

blocking ads (youtube) seems to be intermittent at best. I have ran the debug a few times when it stops working, it starts again but always seems to block a very low percentage of queries. Right now in the last few hours its blocked about 6% of dns queries.

I am mostly using a Win10 box to access youtube and have DNS address set in ipv4 to the raspberry pi's address.

home router is a Netgear C6300v2. I do not have options to set DNS server anywhere to the pi (which i am thinking this is where most of my problem may sit).

Any help on the matter or if any additional information is needed id be more than happy to elaborate.

Debug token: https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/iItRYtq1/

The only thing your debug log shows is you configured Pi-hole to use eth0 interface:

*** [ DIAGNOSING ]: Setup variables

But your Raspberry Pi is using wifi (wlan0) interface.

Why do you think there is something wrong? Are you seeing ads?
A lower percentage of blocked queries usually just mean you are visiting pages with less ads.

Pi-hole is not the right tool for blocking Youtube ads.
Ads and videos are served from the same domains.