Pi-Hole blocking behaviour not understandble

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Expected Behaviour:

  • Host: Raspberry Pi 4
  • Pi-hole version is v5.6 (Latest: v5.6)
  • AdminLTE version is v5.8 (Latest: v5.8)
  • FTL version is v5.11 (Latest: v5.11)

Problem description:
Ads on websites (like msn.com) or youtube (these AD vids in between) are not filtered out.
This suggest a wrong configuration in my network provoking these problems.

1. Fritzbox configuration:

DNS-Server configuration ( Home network -> network -> ipv4 settings) telling the clients that its still my Fritzbox and nothing changed here:

DNS-Server settings (Internet -> DNS-Server) considering internet-traffic is set up like the following. Here i have set the static IP of the Pi-hole ( in my network.

2. Pi-hole configuration
As DNS-settings, i am using unbound and this seems to work pretty well as the following command line shows it:

For blocking youtube ads, i have installed under "Adlists" a link copied from sunshine.it. This should help blocking youtube ads (after the description)

As you can see here, Pi-hole is getting traffic and its shown that queries are blocked and so on...

Actual Behaviour:

My understanding
I suppose (after all the videos i have seen and posts i have read...) that ADs like google ads and ads on youtube should be taken in consideration due to the settings i have made.

This is the understanding i have until now: A client request goes first do the fritzbox ( The fritzbox is redirecting it to the pi-hole ( which is doing then its job as some DNS settings are set up on Pi-hole.

Here some examples of websites not blocking with ads.




I hope someone can helping me understanding the system and how it workd or even if i have set up something wrong.

Thanks a lot in advance!



Debug Token:


Pi-hole cannot reliably block YouTube ads, since the ads are served from the same domains as the content. If you block the domains, you interfere with the content. There is a long running thread on this topic.

This list won't help much, and will typically interfere with content.

As for the msn.com ads, when I visit that site using Pi-hole only as an ad-blocker (no browser add-ons installed to block ads), I see no ads. I do see sponsored content.

These tools can help determine the source of ads:

In your specific setup instance, you have provided Cloudflare as a DNS server in addition to Pi-hole. This allows clients to bypass Pi-hole.

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