Pi-Hole behind reverse proxy?

I'm currently in the process of setting up my RPi4 with Bookworm. I have to start from scratch because dist-upgrade lead to too many errors. Therefore I'm considering starting with Pi-Hole Beta 6.0.
Will Pi-Holes built-in web server conflict with nginx which operates as a reverse proxy to a number of services running on my RPi? How would I work around this problem if there is any? At the moment I use nginx to serve Pi-Holes GUI.
Some time ago I tried to set up Pi-Hole with Docker but did not get it to work.

Pi-hole checks during installation whether you are already using ports 80 and 443 and, if so, tries the alternative ports 8080 and 8443. If these fail as well, the web interface will not be available. You can change the ports to anything you want in the global config file /etc/pihole/pihole.toml at webserver.port. There is a detailed description that should help you understanding the syntax. If you still have any questions - we're here! :slight_smile: