Pi-hole as recursive DNS and resolv.conf question

I followed the guide on installing unbound and making changes to make Pi-Hole a recursive DNS server. Looking at the queries on the admin page, it looks like it's working because I can see the "OK forwarded to XXXX#5335 message. I also made sure I removed the Google Nameservers from my Upstream DNS servers and saved changes. However when I look at my /etc/resolv.conf file, I'm still seeing the two Google nameservers there. (nameserver and nameserver Does that mean my pihole is still really relying on those? And if I removed them from the admin page and saved, why didn't the resolv.conf file get updated to remove them?

Should I remove those entries from my resolv.conf file?


Your Pi-hole is not using those nameservers, but the device on which Pi-hole is hosted is using them as nameservers (and not using Pi-hole). This can be an advantage if you don't need ad-blocking on that device (don't surf the web or run apps on the device). If Pi-hole is out of service for any reason, the device can still reach the internet for time updates, system updates, Pi-hole repairs, uploading debug logs, etc.

From what admin page did you remove these?

My bad, for not being clear. The pihole device itself has the 2 Google nameservers still in the resolv.conf file. I am using pihole for my dhcp server as well. My clients do NOT have the Google nameservers in their /etc/resolv.conf files. Only the pihole itself still has them listed after removing them from the web admin page. (Settings, DNS Tab)

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