Pi-Hole as Proxy & DNS Server for anti censorship


I want access ‘wikipedia.org’ but my ISP blocked. I’m install Pi-Hole on GCP(Google Cloud Platform) and install Privoxy but i can’t access admin panel.

How to use Pi-Hole as Proxy/VPN or etc. for anti censorship ?


For anti-censorship, it’s best to find a VPN provider that has servers throughout the world and doesn’t log activity. Then you can VPN through a different country and typically this will circumvent censorship, assuming your ISP doesn’t block VPN connections. I do this all the time, but mostly to watch sporting events like Tour de France which isn’t streamed in the US for free.

TOR may be effective for you, it’s essentially a blind VPN with multiple hops to the end point. Anonymizer is another option.

The Pi-Hole doesn’t circumvent censorship, it blocks ads. It won’t add content to your internet (which is what you want), it subtracts content (blocks ads and the like).


Fo anonimization and anti-censorship consider the TAILS OS:



I’m found danted for proxy solution.

now how to use my pi-hole DNS with danted (Firefox and Chrome)


Dante seems to me to be a Proxy service that you run yourself. If your ISP is blocking you with their DNS or even more restrictive you could look for a Socks5 service.

Socks5 client is default present in Firefox and Chrome and allows you also to pur your DNS requests to the DNS server provided in that Socks5 service. You can also look at VPN services but that is needing more things to be set up.

Socks5 is lightweight and present in many browsers. Using Socks5 and the DNS server of the service providers bypasses also Pi-hole.