Pi-hole As A Snapcraft Package

Originally published at: https://pi-hole.net/2018/11/29/pi-hole-as-a-snapcraft-package/

Jacob Salmela recently went to the Snapcraft Summit in London and worked with Alan Pope for a few days to attempt to make Pi-hole installable via snap. They made some progress, but it's not quite functional enough to publish in the Snap Store. To that end, we wanted to make the repo public to see if anyone in the community had anything to contribute. Feel free to take a look, open issues, or make pull requests.


This was also a historic event because Jacob Salmela and Adam Warner (PromoFaux) met up in real life. Our development team is 100% remote and we've worked together for years, but no one has ever physically met one another. Here's a picture of them in front of The Shard.