Pi-Hole and uBlock


I am running Pi-Hole v5.6 - FTL v5.11 - Web Interface v5.8 on a virtual machine as a recursive DNS for my Linux box.

From what I can see it is working properly and Pi-Hole diagnostics declare no issues.

The list used is the default one.

I have the uBlock add-on installed in my browser and I when I look at the list of requests it blocks on various websites, I see entries that are present in the list used by Pi-Hole.

On a random website uBlock will show securepubads.g.doubleclick.net as blocked, so I make a note of it to add it to a custom list.

But when I do query list for securepubads.g.doubleclick.net, I get this:

Exact match for securepubads.g.doubleclick.net found in:

Command line status request reads:

:~$ sud pihole status
[???] DNS service is listening
[???] UDP (IPv4) <- in green
[???] TCP (IPv4) <- in green
[???] UDP (IPv6) <- in red - disabled in host
[???] TCP (IPv6) <- in red - disabled in host

So the question is:

Why is it there for uBlock to block it?
Shouldn't it have been previously sunk by Pi-Hole?

Thanks in advance,


DNS requests originate from a client.

Of course, uBlock sees a domain well before the browser would issue the DNS request to Pi-hole. uBlock even sees the complete URL, including any resources after an actual domain, and can can intervene selectively at this fine-grained level.

But uBlock only ever sees the requests of the browser it is installed for, while Pi-hole would receive and filter all DNS traffic (provided the client respects your network's DNS servers, and your network is properly configured), regardless whether it originates from a browser, a mobile app, an OS or some other program.

So even if blocklists have some extent of overlap in uBlock and Pi-hole, it would still be sensible to employ both.


I hate having to reply to myself, but I deserve it.
The answer to my question (by Mcat12 on June 2017!) was in the forum and is this:

Since Pi-hole just blocks requests to ads, uBlock still thinks that there are ads to be blocked, even though they were blocked by Pi-hole. Pi-hole can't modify the web site that you see, so it can't signal to uBlock that an ad is blocked. The only way for uBlock to know that Pi-hole blocked an ad is to see if the ad's image/resources are missing. Otherwise, uBlock sees that there's a match against their filter, even if it's already blocked, and tries to block it. That means it would just be blocking an empty element.

I looked but somehow missed it.
Maybe because of the title on the OP?

No matter, question answered. 8^D



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